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VBA Is Proud To Operate These Radio Stations:

One World, One Message, In Unison In today's multi-media world it is more important than ever to deliver a consistent message to clients. To maximize the effect of your message, it must be in unison with all your other marketing, presenting a strong unified theme.

Wireless is king today. Wireless internet, wireless phones, wireless everything. FM radio has been wireless for over 71 years. AM radio was wireless long before that. The technological marriage of broadcast radio marketing and internet marketing has a strong foothold in the present and the future. Many believe that in the future it will be even stronger than it is right now.

Vermont Broadcast Associates, the operators of your local radio stations in St. Johnsbury, Littleton, Lyndonville and Barton, is moving into the future with a marketing combination using both broadcast radio and the Internet Web.

Many broadcast radio clients already know the value of a website, but also know that a website alone does not deliver the traffic necessary to sustain business. A combination of broadcast radio and internet website makes a lot of sense to a business recognizing future trends along with the wireless generation. This combination marries the modern version of "print" (internet web) with the wireless mobility and entertainment of broadcast radio (FM & AM).

If a website is new to you, you may be surprised to know that you do not need the internet at your business, in order to have a website. You may also be surprised to know that your website can be updated by the same company that you advertise with on the radio. Your website can also be custom designed by us, just for you, and all the while presenting a unified message to your clients for both broadcast radio and internet web page, garnering you the most marketing effectiveness.